How to choose your sliding door system?

Sliding doors and panels are becoming essential for your interior and exterior design. The reasons to install a sliding door are various, so are the sliding system types.

Consequently, Home Sliding Systems offers you a wide selection of sliding systems designed for your needs. But why and how to choose a sliding system according to your specification and project?


Why do you need to install a sliding system?

  • Useful: save space and clear your interior

  • Convenient: rearrange new rooms or closets

  • Design and aesthetics: make your home a unique place

  • Adaptable: install all types of glass, wooden or metal doors (respecting weight and thickness recommended). Home Sliding Systems offers tracks and fascias that can be cut to the size you want in order to adapt to your opening width.


How to choose your sliding door system?

Ceiling, floor, on the wall, straight, folding... System types are varied and it is important to identify all of them.


1. Straight sliding systems for interior separation door – Wooden, metal or glass door

Without floor track to make crossing easier


a. Visible system: on the wall or on ceiling surface


b. Invisible system for pocket door


2. Folding and bifold systems for interior separation door – Wooden or metal doors and panels

Without floor track to make crossing easier


a. Visible system: on the wall or on ceiling surface


3. Sliding systems for closet, wardrobe or pantry door

With or without bottom track


a. System for folding doors or panels – Folding movement


b. System for ceiling mount sliding doors – Straight movement


c. System for ceiling and floor mount sliding doors – Straight movement


d. System for sliding doors on sliders – Straight movement


4. Systems for heavy and outside doors

With or without guiding floor track


  • Straight movement

  • Track mounted on ceiling surface or in front of the wall with wall mounting brackets

  • Perfect for shed, garage, industrial or heavy duty sliding doors

  • For heavy doors up to 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Galvanized steel track for outside application

  • Discover these sliding systems here


Wall mount or inside wall installation?

  • Wall mount and ceiling mount installation are the most common because it is quick and easy. Use a fascia to cover and hide the track and bring a perfect finish to your sliding door. Example: SLID’UP 170

  • Inside frame installation (for pocket door) enables to slide the door inside walls. It is really convenient and design but is longer to install. Example: SLID’UP 160


Find your sliding door systems on

  • Most of our sliding systems are equipped with ball bearing rollers to ensure comfort, silence and ease when sliding your door. 

  • For a greater comfort, do not forget our accessories designed for each range: dampers, stoppers, guides, handles, wardrobe lifts… It will improve your sliding systems and doors.

  • In order to ensure you an optimal customization, we can deliver your tracks and fascias cut to the size you want. You just need to mention it in your order, in the comment section (mention the exact length in inches or centimeters).

  • Check our tutorial videos to learn how to install quickly and easily our sliding door systems

  • Finally, to find the sliding door system best suited to your project, use the filters to narrow your search: door weight, mounting type, door thickness...


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